Major New Project ::The Solacii::

Im so thrilled to announce the launch of a big new project for me. It is a sculpture project called The Solacii that I have been dreaming up for many years and am so ready to bring to form. 


I've created a special page for it here and there is also a facebook page that will be the primary source for updates and engagement. find that here and if you dig the project, make sure to "like" and share amongst your networks!

We will be doing some fundraising for the project and inviting folks to get involved in a number of ways over the next few months, so stay tuned!



Mural Timelapse

This month I had the great pleasure of painting a 17' x 24' mural for the Hive Global Leadership Program hosted at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. I painted this mural in about 20 hours over a two day period. 

I documented the process with my GoPro and created a timelapse to watch the image unfold

'Vas Confractum' music video

I'm very excited to share this awesome dance/music video project just completed in collaboration with incredible performance company Bad Unkl Sista

This is a dance film adaptation of a live performance piece I created with them a couple of years ago. This is my first foray into dance-for-film and I'm extremely proud of it and look forward to creating more works for film/video in the future.



(and feel free to comment and share below!)

Tigre Bailando Concept, Choreography, Masks and Performance

Anastazia Louise Aranaga Director and Costume Design

Michael Miller Cinematography and Editing [site]

Music: Fragile Flesh (Zenotope mix) [site] [site]

Steve Ogden Opening Titles[site]

Goyo Aranaga Executive Producer

Produced by Bad Unkl Sista [site]

Making of 'Earth Chapel' documentary

I’m so excited to share this beautiful short film created by my brother-from-another-mother Rueben Pacheco. It documents the creation of Earth Chapel, an immersive installation that Hoodie Salinas and I created for Lightning in a Bottle music festival back in May. It was a deeply satisfying piece to offer, and we are thrilled at the exceptional way that Rueben has conveyed the passion and spirit that is rooted in our work. Furthermore, the film features an original score by Ike Shaw, another deeply talented friend.


we are live!

woohoo! the new site is LIVE. thank you for joining us, enjoy the ride ;)