'Vas Confractum' music video

I'm very excited to share this awesome dance/music video project just completed in collaboration with incredible performance company Bad Unkl Sista

This is a dance film adaptation of a live performance piece I created with them a couple of years ago. This is my first foray into dance-for-film and I'm extremely proud of it and look forward to creating more works for film/video in the future.



(and feel free to comment and share below!)

Tigre Bailando Concept, Choreography, Masks and Performance

Anastazia Louise Aranaga Director and Costume Design

Michael Miller Cinematography and Editing [site]

Music: Fragile Flesh (Zenotope mix) [site] [site]

Steve Ogden Opening Titles[site]

Goyo Aranaga Executive Producer

Produced by Bad Unkl Sista [site]