The Solacii


The Solacii is a new interactive, mixed-media sculpture being created by Tigre Bailando and Anastazia Louise Aranaga (Bad Unkl Sista), debuting at Burning Man 2017.

An elegant, 21’ tall body rises out of the desert floor, turning ever towards the new day, offering the hope and inspiration that comes with the rising of the sun at the end of a long and dark night.

This solemn figure comes from an ancient race of beings known as the Solacii, that have observed the entirety of human history with deep empathy - feeling each exuberant joy and aching pain of our species. This individual has made itself visible to humans in this moment in time to offer both comfort and inspiration. 

The mysterious being is clothed in an intricate dress crafted from personal garments and heirlooms gathered from the community - symbolizing the collective memories, stories, and experiences of the human race. With wise old hands, the Solacii opens its many layered dress to reveal a refuge for weary & curious travelers. Both cozy and cathedral-like, the inner sanctuary offers a space for solitude and intimate gatherings, a home for meditation, deep conversation, and personal ritual.

The Solacii has come to offer solace for the dark times and hope for the light times. 


We are currently fundraising to make this project happen!

The Solacii is supported in part by a grant from Burning Man

And is fiscally sponsored by Stillness Studies Institute .