detail of the earth aura surrounding Dingo Ma: a double-headed snake motif created from sand, dirt, natural bush charcoal, moss, quartz and granite stone, and straw.
 looking out to a nearby hill that hosts 7 distinct sacred sites for the traditional peoples of this area.
 lovers in the belly of the Ma.
 looking up from within the belly. an arrangement of flowers and herbs wild-foraged from the surrounding bush, plus shotgun shells, feathers, and other found items from around the site.
 the altar-womb of the sancutary.
 altar detail - a collection of materials all collected on site. 
 the altar-womb at night
 looking up from within the belly at night.
 looking into the belly-sanctuary at night.
 tres ojos.
 at night, with a young pilgrim paying devotion. I had the fortune of witnessing this woman interact with the piece multiple times throughout the weekend, and every time she was weeping freely.
 the local fire department loved her!
 posing with the mounted police.
 Tyson Ayers serving a beautiful gongfu tea ceremony inside Dingo Ma's belly on Monday afternoon
 all in
 a beautiful shot  ©   Spinferno Photography
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