Tigre Bailando is a multi-disciplinary artist born and raised in Philadelphia, now based out of Oakland, California.

At the core, his work is concerned with personal and collective liberation - a kind of freedom achieved through the discovery and empowerment of our deepest selves. It is motivated against oppression, both the oppression of peoples against peoples as well as the manifold ways we limit and enslave our own truth.

With his work, Tigre seeks to awaken people’s humanity, tapping into something deep by remixing the ancient motifs of myth and ritual with the complex nuances of contemporary existence.

The figures and beings that populate his work are ancestral entities, ghosts of Tigre’s own multi-ethnic heritage but also the collective ancestors of all of us, before there was race, nation, species, gender. They embody the way in which we are all connected, even though we love to forget it. Exploring the rhythms of life and death; discovering healing through introspection, dialogue, and play; finding hope by exploring the darkness; these are the lessons Tigre's work seeks to share.

Tigre Bailando's installation work has been featured at art & music festivals across the globe, including Lightning in a BottleEnvision Festival, Electric Forest & Rainbow Serpent. He performs interactive mask theater on city streets across the world and teaches mask-making and performance techniques to students from pre-school to adulthood. Tigre is a core member of the butoh inspired performance company Bad Unkl Sista and also performs with street dance theater company Embodiment Project.

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