mural + driftwood sculpture by Tigre Bailando, with Andria Dawn  fabric drape by Jacob Troy  dj table facade by Abbie Gribsgov + Sunny Ochala.  bamboo fans designed and built by Smiley Rendon  altar triangles painted by  Andria Dawn.
 the base altar. this was the last piece to be created, centered on the point of first contact for the project. the entire crew collaborated on assembling this altar improvisationally with materials we collected on site, including the skull of a pig that had fed the entire site crew for many days of build.
 the back of the stage. since the piece was seen and engaged with from all sides, the back had to be just as beautiful as the front. designed in collaboration between tigre and jacob troy, painted by jacob troy and abbie gribsgov
 jacob troy posing with his beautiful painting
 the white line design was painted on black shade cloth, to create a visual screen while also ensuring good airflow for the performers and technicians backstage.
 The stage hosted an incredible array of beautiful, diverse djs, producers, and magic makers all weekend long. The beats and melodies spun by these performers completed the alchemy of the space to generate a powerful experience for the community that celebrated Life on the dancefloor.
  Bunny Wabbit  helped to open the stage with a fun, bouncy set.
  Brian Hartman  took us on a soulful house journey around the world.
  Nicola Cruz  spun a powerful set that dug deep into the ground and woke ancestral roots.
 as always, Tasha Blank created a powerful container for collective liberation
  Acid Pauli  was a new discovery for me, and hit me in all the right spots with his intricate, cerebral house grooves.
 the spine of the stage, at night.
 live painting by Chase Hanna.
 Jacob Troy and I have been creating magical places together since we were children. always a blessing to have him on the crew.
 Chase's beautiful mandala integrating into the whole.
 the crew.  photo ©  Damian Riley Photography
 victory!  photo © Damian Riley Photography
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