A collection of various video projects I have created or participated in.

Timelapse of a mural painted for the Hive Global Leadership Program in October 2016.

San Francisco, CA

Dance film created in collaboration with Bad Unkl Sista + Michael Miller. Music by Goyo Aranaga x Zenotope

music video created to generate support for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Primary race.

Oakland, CA

A timelapse of the creation of an interactive installation called "Memory House".

Lucidity Festival 2016, California

some words on the thoughts and intensions behind the Memory House project

Lucidity Festival 2016, California

Mini-doc by filmmaker Rueben Pacheco on the creation of the Earth Chapel installation (collaboration with Hoodie Salinas)

Lightning in a Bottle 2015, California

Mini-doc by filmmaker Rueben Pacheco on my street performance character, Whiteface.

Brooklyn, NY

Short improv dance film set to Sylvan Esso's "Dance".

Berkeley, CA

slideshow of the first year of my Everyday Warrior facepainting project