My work is the substance and the evidence of an intimate and vulnerable dialogue with the inner and outer worlds. 

Utilizing the body as an altar, a vessel, a conduit for transformation, the work strives for ever deeper and more authentic knowing. The beings that populate my expressive world are inherently transcendent: embodied mythopoetic metaphors that exist beyond binary dichotomies of life/death, male/female, human/animal, body/spirit, self/other, light/shadow. These transcendent visions, both liminal and encompassing, are motivated toward healing and understanding our relationships to our selves, with each other, and with the world.

Expressed through spiritual and erotic sensibilities, the work syncretizes iconographies from global religious traditions with contemporary western aesthetics. 

I am influenced by the ancient temples of Asia and the Middle East, the roadside shrines of rural Mexico, the comic books and cartoons of my childhood, the erotic expressiveness of Japanese Shunga, the elegant and moody imagery of 19th century Europe, the remixing and reclamation of hiphop, the raw pain of butoh, the refined grace of ballet, the graffiti and street life of every city I’ve ever lived in.

My work is unapologetically emotional and aims to evoke a resonant and cathartic connection with the shadowy sides of the viewer/witness. 

Ultimately, the goal is collective liberation.

Working across a wide range of mediums and disciplines, Tigre Bailando creates large-scale installations, sculptures, murals, and performance works at festivals and cultural gatherings across the country and around the world. Clients include Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Forest, Envision Festival, Rainbow Serpent, and Wonderfruit, among others. 

Tigre holds a BA from Bennington College and is the recent recipient of an Honorarium Grant from Burning Man for the interactive sculpture The Solacii.

Tigre Bailando is a core member of the avant-garde performance company Bad Unkl Sista and a regular collaborator with Embodiment Project dance company. 


contact :

For commissions, inquires, or to just say Hello, i can be reached at 

laugh (at) tigrebailando (dot) com

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